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Choose your flavor of IGA and embark on your unique journey

At IGA we have three carefully formulated programs to move you from knowing nothing to being a champion! Whether you've never made a game before, are just getting comfortable, or are ready to publish a fully monetized game, we have something for you!

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IGA Level 1 Badge
Level 1 - EMBARK


Game Industry Taster Sign Up on Eventbrite
  • Learn how the Game Industry actually works
  • Finish your first game in Unity
  • 2 day bootcamp on game principles
  • Earn the IGA Level 1 Certificate
  • Find community and support
  • Intro to Game Design
  • Simple C# Programming
IGA Level 2 Badge
Level 2 - EXPLORE


Discover Your Vertical Register before November 7th, 2022
  • Gain experience in your area of Game Development
  • Add your special sauce to a pre-built game
  • One Month of Live Video Lessons
  • Release your first game online
  • Earn the IGA Level 2 Certificate
  • Collaborate with a batch of peers
  • Unity Game Engine Deep Dive
  • Principles of Game Design
  • Principles of C# Programming
IGA Level 3 Badge
Level 3 - PUBLISH


Video Game Accelerator Register before February 28th, 2023
  • Publish your first game to Android, iOS, Steam, and more
  • Run your own Indie Studio with 3-5 teammates
  • Three Months of Live Lessons from 7 Industry Gurus
  • Earn the IGA Level 3 Certificate
  • Engineer, Design, Write and more for your team
  • Monetize your game and charge money for it
  • Advanced Game Design
  • Advanced Indie Game Business
  • Advanced Indie Game Marketing
  • Pitch your game to a live audience of peers, publishers, and more

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