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Willem Delventhal Professor
Willem Delventhal

Willem is the Founder and Headmaster of the Indie Game Academy. Previously a Senior Engineer at Lumosity and the founder of multiple video game companies, Willem will be teaching you, guiding you, and cheering you on to create fun, meaningful games. Some call him The Wizard of Joy.

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Viktor Blanke Professor
Viktor Blanke

Viktor Blanke is an Art Director based in Stockholm, via Sydney and London. Currently working at Mojang Studios and previously with Paradox Interactive and EA DICE. He strongly believes in the potential for storytelling and unique experiences within games as a medium, and its capacity for inclusion, understanding and discovery.

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Mayara Fortin Professor
Mayara Fortin

Mayara is a producer for Profane MMORPG and a former Biz-Dev. She will be sharing insights on how and when to seek partnerships and business opportunities. She will also be the Head of House Cleric!

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Jeremy House Professor
Jeremy House

Jeremy is a self taught game designer and product manager who works as a PM at Blizzard! Jeremy will be explaining project management and is the Head of House Rogue.

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David Tim Doane Professor
David Doane

David is the former prefect of House Rogue and was once the Assistant Headmaster of IGA. David has been the producer on several indie game projects and moved on from IGA to successfully found and fund his own indie game studio, Left Turn Studios

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Meredith Fletcher Professor
Meredith Fletcher

Meredith is a Narrative Designer at Maybe Interactive and will be teaching the class how to weave story into their video games.

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Mayara Fortin Professor
Dave Bennett

Dave is a Senior Game Developer at Schell Games and will be focussing on effective game design. He is also the Head of House Warrior!

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John Nelson Rose Professor
John Nelson Rose

John is a Senior Games Engineer at Glu Mobile and the Founder of Opium Play. He will be covering rapid prototyping techniques. He will also be the head of House Ranger!

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Jordan Schuetz Professor
Jordan Schuetz

Jordan has developed and released over 15 games gaining over a half a million paid downloads on multiple platforms. Jordan is an expert marketer experienced with proven strategies on growth marketing, SEO, branding, community building, and monetization.

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