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Learn from the experts in Silicon Valley with our proprietary curriculum that takes you from total beginner to expert within a span of only a few months. Whether you’re an engineer, artist, sound designer, or have no experience at all, Indie Game Academy can help equip you with all of the tools you need to develop, publish, and market your first video game!

Whether you are targeting platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, Playstation, Nintendo or Oculus, our experienced professors have released games on multiple platforms and can help make your dream a reality. At the end of the course, you’ll hone an impressive skill set that will help you get a job in the industry or start your own successful indie game studio. Either way, you will publish a monetized video game!

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Learn how to create your first video game
Create your first video game in less than 3 months

Are you looking for a fun technology summer camp that teaches you how to build your dream game?

Indie Game Academy programs host 2 video conference sessions each week. You will learn the best practices of the game development cycle from industry pros, cowork with fellow students, and develop video games. You will even get sorted into a magical House!

Go from Ideation to Monetization and have a completed, paid video game under your belt in just four months. Indie Game Academy is a unique gamified experience. Whether you are an engineer, writer, designer, or student, you'll have a blast here. Join small, multidisciplinary teams and run your own Indie Game Studio. You will receive guidance from industry masters and form long lasting business partnerships with your classmates.

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Why do engineers, writers, designers, and students love Indie Game Academy?

Master the Unity Game Engine and learn to code

Learn game development

Indie Game Academy will teach you basic C# programming in Unity 3D and will teach you advanced concepts around game design, game production and game programming.

  • Learn C# programming 🖥️
  • Learn how to create variables and functions 💻
  • Learn how to import assets for a faster go to market strategy ⬇️
  • Create a your first Mario platformer in less than 2 hours 🏃
  • Project management and tools, learn Git and version control 🤗
  • Anyone, no matter your level of experience can do it 😊
  • Learn Game Developement SEO Strategies
    Learn from marketing industry professionals

    Video game marketing and publishing

    Not only is Indie Game Academy helping students build their first successful games and publish them, Indie Game Academy also offers premium video game development marketing classes that assist students with processes to monetize and market their titles.

  • Learn content marketing and search engine optimization
  • Learn strategies to target YouTube and Twitch streamers
  • Learn how to differentiate your title in over-saturated app stores
  • Get tips on creating an engaging trailer to captivate your audience
  • Create a targeted marketing campaign
  • Create a game that resonates with gamers or educators
  • Learn how to start your dream business

    Run a successful game studio

    Running a successful game studio is extremely tough, most people who try fail due to their lack of experience in running a business and monetization. Joining Indie Game Academy will set you up for success to have the best shot at building your dream business in this competitive, crowded, saturated market. By joining our program, you get access to the following:

  • Access to our private Discord with hundreds of other successful game developers
  • 1 on 1 sessions with our professors to help you release your first game
  • Real life stories & industry use cases of common pitfalls so you don't make the same mistakes
  • Marketing tips and strategies to grow your business and build your personal brand
  • Learn about plugins and tools to help you create games at record speed
  • Run a successful game studio

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    IGA Level 1 Badge
    Level 1 - EMBARK


    Game Industry Taster Sign Up on Eventbrite
    • Learn how the Game Industry actually works
    • Finish your first game in Unity
    • 2 day bootcamp on game principles
    • Earn the IGA Level 1 Certificate
    • Find community and support
    • Intro to Game Design
    • Simple C# Programming
    IGA Level 2 Badge
    Level 2 - EXPLORE


    Discover Your Vertical Register before August 19th, 2024
    • Gain experience in your area of Game Development
    • Add your special sauce to a pre-built game
    • Five weeks of Live online Lessons
    • Release your first game online
    • Earn the IGA Level 2 Certificate
    • Collaborate with a batch of peers
    • Unity Game Engine Deep Dive
    • Principles of Game Design
    • Principles of C# Programming
    IGA Level 3 Badge
    Level 3 - PUBLISH


    Video Game Accelerator Register before June 11th, 2024
    • Publish your first game to Android, iOS, Steam, and more
    • Run your own Indie Studio with 3-5 teammates
    • Four Months of Live Lessons from 7 Industry Gurus
    • Earn the IGA Level 3 Certificate
    • Engineer, Design, Write and more for your team
    • Monetize your game and charge money for it
    • Advanced Game Design
    • Advanced Indie Game Business
    • Advanced Indie Game Marketing
    • Pitch your game to a live audience of peers, publishers, and more
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