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Alien Age
The Squire - House Ranger

‎In The Squire, you play as the ever loyal squire of the legendary and honorable Sir Tim Pasta. He entrusts you with the task of collecting the god-tier weapons at the end of each level because your glorious master "forgot" to collect them when he totally ran these dungeons earlier.

Alien Age
Break Time - House Cleric

‎Break Time! It's a satirical corporate beat 'em up with a destructible environment! Enter the office dungeon, defeat the enemies drones, face the overlord, and demolish the corporate empire!

Alien Age
Rise & Grind - House Rogue

‎Sam just wants a job where she isn’t berated by entitled customers and dealing with bad managers every day. Deal with rude customers by throwing coffee items at them. Jump on beans to boost your way to the top. Don't forget to grab your coffee to increase your score!

Alien Age
Tavern Simulator - House Warrior

‎Can you keep up with the hustle and bustle of a steampunk tavern? Deliver orders and don't stress out! Learn the secrets of an unfolding narrative as you try to keep the doors open!

Alien Age
Alien Age - Graduate Game

‎Created by the Indie Wizards, a studio formed by IGA grads, Alien Age is a chaotic merging single player game. Combine and deliver a variety of resources before hopeful towns crumble to dust. Prime your engine and shine your saucer, towns are eager to see what the future holds… and they won't wait forever.

House Warrior - Bento Box
Bento Boss - House Warrior

‎Bento Boss is a sandbox food decoration game where you will design your bento box with a Japanese inspired cuisine. Choose from sushi rolls, sashimi, and sliced veggies as you become the boss of your very own bento!

House Ranger - Keep it Together
Keep It Together - House Ranger

‎Welcome to Keep It Together -- a game where you play as the administrator of a small, run-down space station a couple decades past its prime. Can you fend off the mundane chaos that threatens to derail your countdown towards a well-earned retirement?

House Rogue - Rostation
Rostation - House Rogue

‎WARNING - Incoming asteroids! Rotate your station and collect space energy in the form of gems to power your laser and blast the incoming asteroids. Power up your space station by collecting enough gems to get to the next wave and increase the difficulty! How long can you survive?

House Ranger - Trash Island
Trash Island - House Ranger

‎Play as a whale who collects trash and throws it back at the factories polluting the water. How well can you clean up your home? Collect scattered garbage to build up trash ball ammunition. Use those trash balls to destroy the factories polluting your home.

Viney Vibes
Viney Vibes - House Cleric

‎Build a lattice tower, piece by piece, on which an energetic vine will grow. Use differently shaped lattice pieces that can be rotated to fit your needs. Maneuver around obstacles, collect more lattice pieces, and keep GROWING!

Astro Knight
Astro Knight - House Rogue

‎Astro Knight is a Single-player Synthwave Smash-inspired Space Adventure. Wield your sword through a stylized dream world as you battle swarms of monsters. But throughout your journey you'll have to deal with the loss of your favorite move each stage. Can you let go?

House Cleric - OceanHealers
Ocean Healers - House Cleric

‎A calm, anxiety reducing game to collect ocean debris and help various underwater creatures restore their home. Memorize the collection order of debris in a limited amount of time to gain three stars. Move the diver with your finger to collect debris and watch the ocean heal around you.

Slotwave Synthracer - House Rogue
Slotwave Synthracer - House Rogue

‎A high-speed casual 2 button racing game. All you have to do is control your speed and time your powerups for the best moment. Press 'Spacebar' or the 'GO' button to accelerate, and if you fall off the track, your call will be reset shortly. Press 'F' to use your powerup after picking it up from the blue box.

Graduate Game - Bouncy Beats
Bouncy Beats - Graduate Game

‎Bounce to the Beat in Bouncy Beats! Control a ball that moves along a DDR-like track to the funkiest tunes in the galaxy. Relax in this hyper casual attention game with a focus on satisfaction.

House Warrior - Super Space Party
Super Space Party - House Warrior

‎Super Space Party - Fun Time Meme Extravaganza 69-420-Boss Explosion Mode is a casual game to take a stab at a variety of minigames to beat your highscore. Get the parts for your ship to find your way home. 8 different minigames to add to your score and a sick custom soundtrack.

Run Alob Run - House Ranger
Run Alob Run - House Ranger

‎Alob, an alien blob, has crash landed on Earth. He has been reaching out to humans to ask for help but instead of helping him they've become obsessed with him. Selfies, BikBok dances, reels, videos, vlogs...they want it all. Help Alob run away from these humans and fix his spaceship, to return home and be with his family once again!

Crowded - House Warrior

Are you ready for a fun, thrilling new game? Guide a group of interns through the pitfalls of office culture. Crowded is a casual game that lets you work your way toward a promotion by guiding new interns. Use the joystick to move around the office. The interns will follow you. But don't let any of them get lost!

Meme Run 2
Meme Run 2 - Professor Game

‎The sequel to the most controversial Wii U exclusive returns! Introducing Meme Run 2, the dankest endless runner on the internet. Want to unlock the secrets of the Illuminati? Join the cult today and help support the development of this dank game!

Taelmoor Dungeon Crawler
Taelmoor - Professor Game

‎Taelmoor is a cooperative narrative adventure game played with physical board game pieces and a your mobile phone. Working together, you and your friends will explore dungeons and underground lairs, talk to the strange denizens within... and sometimes fight them! Get the best parts of both a board game and a video game.

Blitz Keep Unleashed
Blitz Keep Unleashed - Professor Game

‎BlitzKeep Unleashed, where billiards meets a roguelite RPG! Or maybe pinball meets an RPG? Something like that! Level up, defeat enemies and bosses, buy permanent upgrades and new classes, play local coop, and more in procedurally-generated dungeons across 10 realms and 40 levels.

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